Photo Gallery

The following pictures were taken at the 2004 National Convention in Los Angeles from August 18 - August 26.  Please use any picture that you might like; however, please be advised that these are the pictures are large in size (approximately 500kbs).  Strongly recommend that you use either DSL, Cable, or T1 line (otherwise, you will be waiting a long time).


Clerk Craft Conference #1

Clerk Craft Conference #2

Clerk Craft Conference #3

Clerk Craft Conference #4

Editor's Class at Pre-Convention Workshops

Outside the LA Convention Center

Michigan Delegation at the 17th Biennial National Convention

One of the Michigan Tables Discussing the Proposals

480-481 Delegation

Michigan Delegates sharing conversation.

Part of the Convention Floor

Showing how many tables it took for Michigan.

Michigan Delegation on Tuesday (sea of blue)

Jackson Delegation

Sea of Blue (Picking the hotels in support of HERE)

Local HERE employees showing their thanks and support.

Sea of Blue #2 (Michigan Auxiliary Coordinator)

Sea of Blue (United We Stand)

Posing for a Picture with the Sea of Blue

Preparing to Address the Masses.

Members of HERE (Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees) showing their thanks and support.

Mike and Michelle (DDAL) and their family enjoying COPA night.

Joanne, Larry, and Norm and His Fiancee (486-487 Area Local) enjoying COPA Night.

Beverly, Eilleen, and Bob enjoying COPA night.

Michigan Delegation preparing for Parade of States

Michigan Delegation starting their Parade (of State).

480-481 Delegation during the Michigan/Illinois Caucus

Michigan and Illinois Caucus

Detroit Delegates take time out to pose for a picture.