Area 7 Director

(Representing those Members at Large in the 490/491 Zip Code areas)



Dana McLean
6235 3rd St
Holton, MI 49425

C: (231) 638-7290


Per the Constitution of the Michigan Postal Workers Union (amended as of May 5, 2018) - Article 11: 


Section 6.  Area Directors: Area Directors shall be responsible for grievances, organizational work and membership in their respective Areas. Area Directors are to be elected from established Areas, as outlined in Article 10, Section 2. [A] It shall be the responsibility of the Director of Education to coordinate Area Assemblies in conjunction with Area Directors as to program content and dates of assembles. As a minimum, one (1) official Area meeting shall be held each year.  The area meetings will be rotated with three (3) areas to be determined numerically 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. At least 3 Area Directors shall coordinate such meetings.  Plans for Area Assemblies will be published in the Michigan Messenger and on the website, with dates, places, and proposed programs.  Immediately following knowing of dates and location and agenda, all locals will be informed by e-Mail and US Mail.Ē


[B] Area Directors may appoint, as necessary, with the approval of the President, an Assistant Area Director, to assist in the functions of the Area Directorís office, and to be compensated at the same rate as other officers.                                                                    


[C] Area Directors are responsible for reporting to their respective Areas, and representing the MALís in their Area. The Area Directors duties are also to act as a liaison between the Area membership and the State President.


(D) Area Directors shall be compensated for lost time and expenses while representing/ organizing members at large in their respective areas. Any lost time in excess of three (3) days per month must first be authorized by the President of the MPWU.


[E] Area Directors are responsible for ensuring that all the MALís and small offices, (with less than 20 employees) in their Areas, are provided with the information necessary to contact their Area Director, and the MPWU Officers. In addition, Area Directors shall be responsible for making contact by any means to each MAL and small office, (those not in Area Locals, and those with less than twenty (20) employees, each calendar year.) If no contact is possible, the Area Directors shall report promptly, such inability to make to the MPWU Executive Secretary. Area Directors shall also be responsible for visiting as many small offices within their Area as possible: during the calendar year, and shall report all such visits, in their convention reports. Failure to furnish contact and small office visit information in the Convention reports, shall result in denial of payment of Convention expenses for Area Directors involved.


[F] The Area Directors will submit for publication in the Michigan Messenger two (2) articles per year pertaining to the issues and concerns in the area that they represent.


[G] Area Directors will be compensated at the employee current rate for non-LWOP hours worked outside their tour.  Area Directors must get prior approval from the MPWU President for all non-LWOP hours worked outside their tour.  Area directors must submit name and office worked to the Treasurer at the time of reimbursement.


Furthermore, the constitution also states the following (for all officers):


Section 11.  All Officers of the MPWU, AFL-CIO will give a written report of their activities, to be printed and distributed to all delegates to the State Convention. All reports will be included in the Convention Officers Reports to the Convention Delegates, at the time of registration. These reports are to be given to the Executive Secretary thirty (30) days prior to the opening day of the Convention. Failure to comply with this provision will result in the Officer not having his/her Convention expenses paid.  Written notices will be sent by the Executive Secretary, reminding all Officers of their Constitutional Convention requirement provisions.


Section 12.  All Officers shall turn over all records, supplies, and equipment to his/her successor within twenty (20) days of the certification of the election results.


Section 16.  All officers, Area Directors, Committee Appointees or any other member receiving advances from the MPWU, shall be responsible for receipting all expenses on advances within each quarter or it shall be considered income and will be taxed accordingly.


Section 17.  No state officer or state representative may enter a local installation, local labor management meeting, or any other local issue without first getting approval from the said local president.