Post Office Women for Equal Rights Representative




Tamika Johnson-Smith

20530 Southfield Rd

Detroit, MI 48235

W:  (313) 532-9305

C:  (313) 434-8084




MPWU Constitution states the duties of this position, in conjunction with the advisory board is:


The Advisory Board of the MPWU will consist of representatives of any member Local Union.  Advisory Board members shall be notified of Executive Board meetings, by the Executive-Secretary, and shall have the right to participate in debate and advise the Executive Board.  However, no member of the Advisory Board shall have the right to vote in Executive Board proceedings.  The expense of attendance by representatives of member Locals shall be borne by the Local Union, or Area Locals, or by the representative, but shall not be borne by the MPWU.  This also includes a member of the Michigan POWER.  Such representative shall be chosen by majority vote of the POWER members present at a caucus be be held at the conclusion of the MPWU Biennial Convention.  The POWER representative must be a member of the MPWU and only the members of the MPWU can vote for the POWER representative.