State Retirees' Chapter

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President of the State's Retiree Chapter (all Retired Members within Michigan are part of the State chapter, along with their own respective local chapter):

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Paul Browning

2664 Lakes North Drive

Interlochen, MI 49643


Cell:  (231) 275-6016

Daily Updated Retirement Information

State Retiree Chapter's Executive Board is as follows:

Vice-President -

Joanna Atkinson

H:  (989) 295-5454


Jane Duggan

C:  (313) 682-1005

Trustee -

Deb Gorney  

Trustee -

Alton Fouche

H:  (313) 863-3241

Trustee -

Teresa Williams

H:  (810) 630-6162

Copy of the Retiree's Constitution can be found here.  


MPWU Constitution states the following regarding this chapter:


[A] The MPWU State Retirees Chapter, a subordinate body to the Michigan Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO, shall serve as a continuing link to the active State Union and Labor movement for APWU/MPWU retirees to provide retired members the opportunity to participate in social, legislative, political, and educational activities, to serve the needs of retired members and their survivors, and to support and direct the efforts and organizing of Michigan APWU Local Retiree Chapters.


[B] The Michigan Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO, shall support and assist the MPWU State Retiree Chapter in carrying out its objectives to provide retired members a strong, continuing voice in this Union and Labor movement, subject to the requirements of the MPWU Constitution and By-Laws.



MPWU Local Retiree Chapters & Presidents


The following locals have their own Retiree Chapters.  You may contact their President at the following addresses and phone numbers:

Western Michigan Area Local

Raymond Novakoski

8600 S Virginia Ave

Baldwin, MI 49304

(616) 560-7747

Flint Michigan Area Local

Patricia A. Miller

4935 Ita Ct; A-315

Swartz Creek, MI 48473

(810) 630-6162

Saginaw (486-487) Area Local

Thomas Gillespie

3319 Drexel Drive

Saginaw, MI 48601

Detroit District Area Local

Yvonne Tatum

14900 Sorrento St

Detroit, MI 48227

(___) _______-_______

480-481 Area Local Joe Gordon

26166 Albert J. Drive

Warren, MI 48091

(248) 543-3262