Meeting the Candiates - Human Relations Director


MEET the Candidates

APWU Human Relations Director Election – Questions & Answers

Each candidates’ answers alternate between questions and are in different color as shown below.  Initials are bolded for each candidate at the end of each answer.

Daleo Freeman (I) – Candidate for APWU Human Relations Director

Doris Simmons - Candidate for APWU Human Relations Director


1. Please tell our members about yourself. Years of service with the USPS Union and Offices held.


Daleo Freeman - I am currently serving in the position of Director of Human Relations after being appointed by President Dimondstein with the Approval of the Executive Board.


I became a Postal Worker and APWU member in September of 1994. I decided to join

the fight in 1998 and became a Steward. I was elected President of the William H.

Burrus Cleveland Ohio Areal Local 72 in 2012 after serving as Vice-President. I was

elected Director of Industrial Relations of the Ohio Postal Workers Union (OPWU) from

2013-2016 and OPWU Vice-President from 2016-2022. I am currently the Vice-President of the North Shore Federation Central Labor Council.


I served on the National Constitution Committee three (3) times and was the Chair once.


I served on the Rank-and-File Committee twice. I served on the Young Workers Panels at All-Craft Conferences as well.


Doris Simmons - My name is Doris Simmons, I am a Clerk Steward at the Atlanta NDC. I have 39 years of Postal Service (Civil Service). I held the position of organization director for 7 years. I have been helping members with their OWCP Claims/COVID. My father was in the United States Marine Corps and my sister is currently serving in the United States Army.


2. What would you like to offer/accomplish with education to state and local officers?


Doris Simmons - I would like to set up educational programs for State and Local Officers. This will ensure that our representatives are more familiar with EEO and OWCP processes, to better serve their locals members. I want to go a step further to make myself available to the membership by checking in with the Locals as the new claims come in. 


Daleo Freeman - I am prepared to take some risks to move forward to achieve the Department’s goals. To be successful, the ideas, input, and informed views from state and local officers as well as the membership will be welcomed. Two-way communication will be paramount. One of the Department’s goals is to build a national system of local and state Human Relations Representatives aimed at meeting and assisting members where they are.


Another goal is to utilize the resources granted to us that stretch far beyond the

grievance procedure and use them to our collective advantage. In accordance with the

Constitution and the will of the membership, the department will work diligently to

expand on the protections of our members’ rights through collective action in the field

and on the workroom floor. Knowledge is the key and communicating this knowledge

opens the door.


3. EAP – District Advisory Committees – how would you address the number of craft vacancies and lack of support from the USPS to holding meetings and providing input to National in the EAP issues from the district levels?


Daleo Freeman - The responsibilities of the Human Relations Department are vast, so I dare not take responsibilities assigned to other departments according to the constitution, unless another officer makes that request. Craft vacancies are not under the jurisdiction of the Human Relations Department, and I have not been asked to assist with handling any issues dealing with vacancies.


As far as EAP, I intend to make sure that employees are aware of the services and take advantage of them as the need arises. I have already been discussing ways to improve and address the numerous EAP issues. There will be consistent talks and resolution meetings to assure that members receive our support. I will work to make sure that District Advisory Committees function as they are intended to.


Doris Simmons - I would address the absence of support the regarding the EAP District Advisory Committee’s meetings by proposing a consolidation of the District committees to get more people together at the same time to try to streamline the functionality of them and reduce red tape.


4. How would you improve the accuracy of the membership rosters for the locals? There seems to be a disconnect between the locals and HQ resulting in a discrepancy.


Doris Simmons - I would like to see a semiannual or quarterly, member and non-member lists. And work with the National Organization Director efficiency of communications with the Locals.


Daleo Freeman - I must reiterate that the responsibilities of the Human Relations Department are vast, so I dare not take responsibilities assigned to other departments according to the constitution, unless another officer makes that request. I have not been asked to assist with the handling of membership rosters and the need to do so has not been presented to me.


5. Tell the members something positive about your opponent.


Daleo Freeman - While I do not know my opponent well, I assume that she is a member to be able to run and I applaud her for that. Also, I intend to continue to run a clean campaign based on my record and facts and hope that my opponent will do the same.


Doris Simmons - Mr. Freeman was a President of a Local in Cleveland which shows a commitment to the Union.


6. As HR is responsible for the accurate recording of membership for both active dues paying members and retirees who are full dues paying members for voting, how do you plan to update this process and ensure that the members receive their ballots and are not overlooked on contract and election voting?


Doris Simmons - I will work with the Organizational Director to see what I can do to help ensure that the active dues paying member and the retirees receive their ballots by tracking them through the mail.


Daleo Freeman - Again, I must reiterate that the responsibilities of the Human Relations Department are vast, so I dare not take responsibilities assigned to other departments according to the constitution, unless another officer makes that request. Some may mistakenly believe that HR (Human Resources) and Human Relations are the same thing. The two are different. Further, I have no proof that what is alleged is a problem and I have not been asked to assist.


7. Are you running as part of a group/team or not? Please explain your reason for

running your campaign this way.


Daleo Freeman - I am a proud candidate with the APWU Solidarity Team because the current leadership

has demonstrated that collective action by our members activists, officers, and allies is

the key to protecting our rights and benefits.


The diverse makeup of the Solidarity Team and solid vision of the best path forward for

our union’s future, will keep the momentum going to best protect our interests.


Doris Simmons - I elected to run on my own and not as a team because I want to show my individual strengths. No matter who's in office I am a team player.


8. What is a long-term goal that you would like to set into motion that may take longer than just one term, yet would be welcomed by your successor?


Doris Simmons - My long-term goal is to set in motion a way that our members can continue to get knowledge and training needed to ensure that my successor can easily incorporate that will continue the betterment and livelihood of our membership.


Daleo Freeman - I intend to direct the activities of the department in accordance with the constitution and the will of the members, so I would hope that my successor would want to build on everything that I do. The goal is for the betterment of all our futures. Everyone is responsible for keeping the labor movement alive, growing, and well. This election and holding office should not be about personalities, but who can and will do the work.


One long-term goal that may take more than one term is my goal of connecting all locals

and states, including Members-at-Large, small, medium, and large locals, to deliver

programs that assist members with their concerns.


9. OWCP is a hot button issue with the members and additional training is needed to allow the Local HR Directors to be more effective, how will you address this?


Daleo Freeman - After evaluating the Department and recognizing that many workers need assistance with OWCP education and the processing of their claims through the system, I have retained our Specialist as a consultant. Also, we have began vetting and appointing OWCP Regional Resource Assistants to assist members in all five regions. The Regional Resource Assistants will conduct training programs and assist locals in their fight to make sure all injured employees are taken care of correctly and efficiently.


Doris Simmons - This has to be addressed through consistent communication with the Department of Labor, to ensure training is readily available and an open discussion between the members and local personnel to identify problems and conduct more training in person or zoom meetings.


10. Any additional statement that you would like to close your interview?


Doris Simmons –

As the proud daughter of a United States Marine who proudly served his country, I look forward to serving the Members of this great Union if elected, I would like to bring onboard a retired veteran to make sure their voices are heard


Daleo Freeman –

To summarize, I must note that it is important that everyone understand the role of the Human Relations Department as outlined in our National Constitution and By-laws. If members know what the job entails, then expectations will be reasonable, and members can correctly evaluate the goals that have been and will be accomplished.


All the duties of the department are important, and I will endeavor to balance them all,

refraining from letting one aspect of the responsibilities overshadow the rest. I will

concentrate on mobilizing from within and empowering members. The human aspect of

union business will always be observed.


I appreciate the opportunity to respond and I hope that my answers will not be

changed. I trust that you have asked all that you want to know. I have web articles and

literature that all members can review. For further questions, go to the Solidarity Teams